Cut the crap

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Cutten, Sep 29, 2008.

Should we all cut the crap for now?

  1. No

    87 vote(s)
  2. Yes

    15 vote(s)
  3. Yes - and moderators should lock/delete ALL non-trading posts for the next 72 hours

    22 vote(s)
  1. Cutten


    The market has its biggest one-day fall for 21 years, and over 70% of the threads popping up this evening are non-market/non-trading threads.

    Look, we have 365 days a year to shoot the breeze on this stuff. Right now EVERYONE on this board should be doing nothing for the next 72 hours other than shitting, pissing, eating/drinking enough to survive, and trading or planning their trades.

    ANY discussion on anything else, especially political whining/ranting, comedy threads, chit chat etc is not only a waste of your time, but a waste of everyone else's. Every post on this board in the next few days that is not trading related is directly impacting you P&L or at least having a high opportunity cost.

    I would appeal to everybody here, and especially the moderators - if ever there was a time to CUT THE CRAP, now is that time. Let's at least keep this focused on trading for the next 3 days. If we can't do that then we might as well make this a Yahoo message board for all the use it will be.

    Please /sign this thread/vote in the poll if you agree.
  2. So you're looking for socialism to trickle into ET as well? Curious to know how you categorize your above post....pissing?
  3. Thank you sir.


    Hey look Cutten. If people want to shoot the shit and trash talk before, during after the TY / ES / EU / CL, etc. market(s) are Open, Closed or in session, that is their business.

    Not yours, and certainly not the moderators (how many of them even trade, btw).

    I NEVER would have picked you for a nutcase.

    I guess you never know around here.
  4. WOW, over 70% are telling you exactly what time it is ... Now that's what I call a Majority Vote! :D
  5. oh go fuck yourself

    you've got 4000 posts, hard to believe they were all brilliant

    lead by example
  6. Talk about crap. What do you call this thread?

    Three big mo fo's tried to rob my house today and I haven't even mentioned it.
    One escaped and is still hiding in the neighborhood.

    I'm locked and loaded and still afraid to go to sleep in my own house tonight and now I have to sweat your bull shit.
  7. Sorry to hear, hopefully the other 2 are on meat hooks in the basement.
  8. Oh man, are you serious#!!?

    Where do you LIVE, with that kinda action going down?#!

    If push comes to shove, don't be afraid to handle your business, I promise you, they will never f*ck with you again. :cool:
  9. What do you want, some one to yell bottom?

    No short rule is helping. Could you imagine if shorts could storm into day? Humm, makes you wonder why they passed the rule for the "Daytraders".

    If your still trading equities should those in gold call you a fool?

    Shorting oil?

    S&P to sell off to 950? Break 1000.

    This was a orderly sell off. Nothing about panic in it. Look at the chart.

    The markets are pricing in a recession?

    So,what are you going to buy at this level? Of course all we can do from this point is rally right? Tell that to the bottom fishers at the end of october.

    Hard Assets, Gold and Cash. That is king now. Most people are leaving the stock market in a timely fashion now. Pretty soon, the only traders trading this will be, well traders in a low volume market.
  10. I didn't trade today. No desire. Why force something? If they'd announced an immediate "re-vote" this shit would've ramped 40 handles before you knew why. The whole session was like trying to trade in front of payroll. I don't have a single creative idea except the woulda, coulda, shoulda nausea of not shorting Euros above 147. I'm lookin but I ain't feelin' it.....
    #10     Sep 29, 2008