Cut, Stay, or Raise Rates...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by MattF, Mar 17, 2007.

What Happens To Rates This Time?

  1. Rates Get Cut

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  2. Rates Stay The Same

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  3. Rates Rise

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  4. Doesn't Matter; I'll Still Make $$$ On It

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  1. MattF


    While this FED meeting may be a bit interesting now, what say you on the rate decisions....cut, stay, or raise.

    Personally I believe things still stay in a "wait and see" attitude mode and the rates remain unchanged. If all hell breaks loose as some may indicate in the housing market over the spring period, then maybe things get reconsidered on the next round...
  2. The Fed Funds contracts "imply" steady until ~August...........(barring any major meltdowns).
  3. silk


    Fed won't hike rates when mortgage bubble is in complete crash.

    Fed can't lower rates when unemployment is 4.5% and inflation is 2.7%.

    So Fed is on hold until either inflation drops, unemployment approaches 4.9%, or housing stabilizes.

    It really might be this simple.