Cut spending ? Fix tax code ?

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  1. Does anyone else see the unrational way congress and the president have to link every problem with every other problem in government. Why does the tax code have to be fixed at the exact same time we do spending cuts ? and visa versa.
    Fix the tax code congress
    Cut spending congress , cut waste, reduce the military
    Improve on health care regulations, catch welfare cheats and the big gov. crooks and on and on, I know these guys have the time, they are on vacation regularly and they have staff so they don't have to actually do a lot of number crunching themselves. We don't need a large grand plan, just fix one problem at a time and lets see how that works.
  2. Example on a simple rule that both sides would agree on and wouldn't take much discussion time and wouldn't cost the government or business.
    Hospitals and doctors have to post their prices. If they are going to charge you $50 for that aspirin and $5 for the paper cup it comes in they have to let you know before you incur the charge.

    That common sense statement should illicit a few one star votes from the anti-common sense crowd here on ET :) .
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    Why even start a topic hoping for honest open discussion if you have to tag it with this line?

    Unless it is your intention to illicit flames, which then removes the "common-sense" identify you think you possess.
  4. $50 for that aspirin = $12 popcorn at the movies= $10 Bud's at Yankee stadium.

    Shit just tastes better when you're out and about than it does at home.

    Seriously, some pretty nurse wakes you up, hands you a glass a water and your aspirin, watches you while you take it. Throws the cup away for you. Might even ask "All better now?" Oh la la.

    After all, you are in your pajama's in bed and didn't have to get it yourself. Hmnnnn.. sounds like a bargain. I think I'll have another, put it on my bill said the duck.:cool:
  5. Now that you mention it the nurse was hot and young and had a thin yummy body, if the trip included a happy ending I would be a happy boy.
  6. I guess you don't know how the rating system works here. The righties do all the star voting and they vote based on who starts a thread not the thread content. If futurecurrents posts an article, no matter what the article says, even if it is intelligent and informative his thread will get a bunch of one star votes. But to keep it real, why can't congress and president solve simple common sense problesm, seems they turn every issue into such a complex mess there is no solution.
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    What? The Lefties are too handicapped to vote? Figures.
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    We all know how it works - I question your reasoning for the inclusion of that remark. It tells me that what you are seeking is a flame war, not an honest discussion.
  9. The answer is simple. Politics.

    For example. Sheldon Silver has all the power in NY. The governor could propose something, Silver would agree (common sense) and then Silver would proceed to see what else he can get BECAUSE he has agreed to go along with the governor.

    It's a political fight for the sake of the fight.

    Never give the other side more than they ask for, and if you agree to what the other side wants, ask for something else.
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    And, because someone has a big head.

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