Customizeable Clock Utilities

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  1. Any clock utilities you can recommend,please?Something that I can size to suit and preferably can be made to beep at set (and variable) intervals?
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  3. Cheers mate.I should of course have added 'free' - if kirby isn't.
    Any others?
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    Look into this johnny, Dimension 4 will monitor your Internet connection and automatically adjust your PC's clock when you're online at an interval you specify.
  6. kirby is free you can give a donation. It has an intelligent system for launching tasks also.

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    Does anyone know why the clock on a computer ends up running slow or fast, better yet know how to solve it? 20 min after doing a synch with NIST, I'm already running 4 seconds fast when I compare the time on my computer to an atomic clock.

    This presents a small issue for me because my charting program uses the time from the computers clock to keep records.



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