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    Hello guys, im hoping that someone can maybe give me some info on Genesis and their support. I have been closely working with Serge but am having hard time keeping my funds there as their approach to customer service is almost non-existent. They claim on their site that they will answer every email in one day, but after 4 weeks of sending several mails i received no answer.
    Is this something that others experienced as well from Genesis?
    Just pittiful.

    Also, do any of you, who trade with them, have a stop loss problem with them? They are aware of this problem, but havent fixed it yet. basically if a stop triggers, it sometimes automatically reverses the position. I cant believe that this has been an open issue with them for more than a month, and they still havent fixed it!!! For a daytrader this is a must, and to not be able to trust the stops is very very bad! What good is such broker?

    Have any of you experienced the above with Genesis?

    thanks for any info.
  2. GENESIS CUSTOMER SERVICE............................does not exist,,,,,,,,,unfortuneately you have found out first hand,,,,,,,,,,do not believe any other bs..............
  3. I would have to agree. Even traders who know what they are doing occasionally have questions and need assistance with various issues. I have found that alot of these direct access brokers used to have horrible customer service.

    Included in the horrible customer service group IMO are Genesis and IB. Although I do have to say, its been a few years since I used either, but they both used to be real bad at helping customers. I would go as far as to say down right rude, especially in the case of IB.

  4. Genesis has achieved the worst customer service in the business. They're support dep't is even more obtuse and untimely than IB--and IB held the previous record for a while.

    At least IB returns emails. Genesis must have the world's tightest spam filter because it seems like every support email they receive is automatically deleted.

    Genesis has made a living from offering good rates but I promise you this: Traders there that I know can't stand Genesis as an organization. Some like the software and most like the rates, but ALL are considering other places to trade.

    If there are any other well capitalized brokers offering 10-1 intraday leverage, .0015-.0025 per share rates, same-day support response, and software that wasn't written as a high-school project, PLEASE let yourself be heard. This is a prime opportunity for you to pick Genesis's pocket.

    Disclaimer: As harsh as the above sounds, I'm hoping Genesis turns it around and realizes how much their constant software and support issues are pissing people off. I too am looking for another broker, but if the above issues were resolved I'd consider staying--only because switching is inconvenient. (Although it's looking less inconvenient every day)
  5. I read that Genesis would undercut any competitor in rates.Can they go lower then I.B? If anyone uses Genesis can you tell me what rates you pay?
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    you read the previou post. then you come up with this question.
  7. Maybe that's why they can't invest in software and support. Hmmmm.
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    i dont know of other traders here, but when a stop triggeres and reverses the position for you, then you got a problem! i dont get how they can let this go on for such long time - aprox. 2 months now!!! show me a daytrader who will trade on something like this! its insane!
    i dont get it how they can not make this their priority one.
    and thats not mentioning that they dont offer server based stops.
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    I think that Genesis is great. All you need to do is get an extension to the person you want to talk to and you can phone in and solve your problems ASAP!

    Serge and Anthony are great to work with.. +++
  10. Genesis STILL hasn't fixed the stop bugs or updated their January 2006 version of Laser.

    Where exactly is the "state of the art DMA platform" they tout on their website??
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