customary commission rates as a trader in a firm

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    What is the common commission paid by the trader in a traders firm for futures on indices?
    As oppose to the regular private commission of 5$-10$ per round trade.

    I'm asking this because I'm developing a fast trading system for trading futures, but the normal commissions will kill me.

    Hope you understand my question.
  2. Cut it in half...
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    Cut which in half:
    10/2 = 5$
    5/2 = 2.5$
    Which of the above for round trade (enter+exit)?
    I thought something more like 1-2$
  4. exactley... $2.50-5.00 RT according to your volume...

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    A big trading house can only give his brokers 2.5$?
    It sounds a lot.
  6. u shud be able to negotiate $1 or less rates, dependin' on volumes--check global futs for a start.
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    Now youre talking.

    Last nage -
    the volume is about 150 lots per day (round trades), so I'm guessing 1$ is ok.
  8. not sure it is enough, i think u need to trade 300-500k lots a month to get that rate. i suggest u to check anyways--go to global website or get in touch with gioacchino: he's a sponsor here...add him to your buddy list and from there u can send him a pm or go the website get the tel number and get in touch with 'em directly.

    disclaimer: this is not an endorsement to join any broker...there are many out there that offer good deals; use the search function and make up your mind.
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