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  1. I need a platform that will give me custom time charts. Say if I want a 77 min chart, I could get that, or if I wanted a 2 day or 11 day chart ( one bar for 11 days of time) I could get that as well.

    Is there any charting package with that flexibility?

    To those who PM'd me, I will respond as time permits( I have 8 children):eek:

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    AmiBroker is one that will do this
  3. I suspect you can do some of that now. I used to go to and look up a futures chart. I remember putting in say 40 minutes for a time interval and the computer displays a chart with 40 minute bars.
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  5. Roll your own. It's nice having the freedom to have any conceptual apparatus needed. Not to mention complete creativity and control. Do yourself a big favor and learn how to program.

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  6. Where is a good place to start learning this skill?
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    Neoticker. From seconds to multi-days periods. And everything in between.

  8. Thanks to all who replied, your help was immense:cool:

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  9. I never realised Sierra Chart could do 1+fractional days nkhoi -- now I'll just have to figure out why I would want to do it.

    ktmex, oddi,

    SC has a dll interface that provides huge flexibility (so huge I've lost track of some of the things other programmers can do with it) in how you can interface with the program but it provides all the basic handling of data and charts itself. Also its not java so its not clunky like some of the charting programming options. C++ but you can learn it just by taking other peoples dll code and messing around with it.

    I learnt it using the examples admin provided with sierra chart and all of my code (1000s of lines) is now available for others to alter and learn with.
  10. ask Jack.
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