Custom Strategy Code (IP) - which platform(s) to trust?

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Which platform can be trusted to not upload your IP?

  1. Ninjatrader

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  2. Metastock

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  3. Tradestation

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  1. I'm currently evaluating various platforms that allow custom development of strategies and indicators - Ninjatrader, Metastock, Tradestation etc.

    It seems when you install the software (on your computer), there is no way to protect your custom strategy code from getting uploaded to their servers.

    Are there any (installed) platforms that can be trusted to protect your IP, even though it is obviously visible to their software? Are other traders concerned about this and what is your preferred platform/solution to safeguard your IP (and thereby your "edge")?
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    I would not worry about that. Software developers and sellers are not traders or investors.
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  3. hmm... how are you so sure about that? If a strategy has any kind of edge, I can't imagine they wouldn't be interested.
    Point is, which software platform can be trusted the most, if someone is worried?
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    Yeah right.

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    The ONLY secure way to backtest a trading system is to code it yourself (in C++, Python, C#, etc...) and test it with historical data, OFFLINE.

    Yes I know, it requires programming skills, but there is no other way, unfortunately.
  6. Not to sound dismissive, but I really doubt anyone trading through Ninjatrader would have come up with anything worth copying. Despite everyone claiming to make 100% per year, I have not seen that many people here that have a clue and have not seen anyone doing something completely unique.
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    Opinions (yours in this case) and facts are two different things my friend.
    When it comes to money, never trust anyone.
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  8. But what happens when you do get back online? The software still has access to your strategy, which you need to execute in real-time to get intraday alerts!

    Programming skills are not an issue. 30+ years in IT, making money for corporations :vomit:
  9. And you have "seen" this because all the people that have an "edge" share their code and trading results with you?
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    Oh I see, you want to automate your trading system as well, not just backtest it.
    You can probably send automated, one-way trading signals to your broker (from your C# code for example) via its API.
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