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    I have experience in system design for energy traders to do trading, deal entry, nominations, scheduling, and managed data services. I am also experienced with designing systems for risk management: risk controls, asset management, portfolio management, and front – and middle-office solutions. Integration with financial, billing and other back-office solutions are also my strengths.

    I want to offer the aforementioned services as a freelance software engineer. Do you know any firms who may be interested in contracting with someone with my competencies to build custom solutions or extend/maintain existing software applications?
  2. I believe there is a jobs section here on That would be a better locale to post your capabilities than here on the trading side of the forum.

    However, have you considered joining some of the groups on LINKEDIN? They have job postings.
    Also, try:
    (Dice has financial/trading jobs that are more technology-driven)
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    Excellent. Thank you!