Custom Software for brokers without Automated-Trading

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  1. Hi,

    Does anyone know of software that could execute trades through an internet browser - while at the same time getting it's trade signals from charting websites such as Investools' ProphetCharts? ProphetCharts is a java app that loads in internet browsers and can be detached from the browser and open up it's own window on the desktop tab.

    My broker's margin requirements are second to none as it doesn't have to follow FINRA guidelines as it's located in Canada - and therefore it's the best option to me.

    If there's no known software available, what are the best options to have this software developed privately?

  2. do you have an account with IB?

    if the trading rule is simple I can build it for you.
  3. No it's through Questrade, but my rules are very well defined and straight forward
  4. Why don't you open an account with IB?
  5. IB doesn't offer margin for ETFs due to FINRA's regulations on the issue. Because Questrade is located in Canada - FINRA's margin requirement regulations are optionable. Questrade is the only broker that offers 30% margin for 3x ETFs that I'm aware of - it's a nice capability to have when you're in the position to take that risk and when your system is operating well.
  6. Anyone?? :)
  7. Still looking for either:

    1. Software that takes control of your browser and executes trades after reading signals from investools' ProphetCharts


    2. Recommendations for custom software developers