Custom RTD Application not working in Windows 10

Discussion in 'App Development' started by mskl, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. mskl


    I had a custom RTD server built for me about 13 years ago. The program works well with Windows 7. However I just bought a new system and it doesn't work with Windows 10 (I'm using Excel 2016). I've registered the dll successfully (As the Administrator) and it shows up in the Active Application Add-ins in Excel but the connection fails as I don't get any data. I have tried another RTD server (IB's) on the same new system and it works fine with Windows 10.

    I have duplicated the custom RTD issue on many machines by upgrading to Windows 10 and it breaks and then downgrading to Windows 7 and it works. Here is a list of DLL's that I'm suppose to keep in same directory as the RTD dll:

    1) log4cxx.dll
    2) mfc42.dll
    3) MFC71.dll
    5) MSVCP60.DLL
    6) msvcp71.dll
    7) msvcr71.dll
    8) NTEventLogAppender.dll
    9) xerces-c_1_6_0.dll
    10) xerces-c_1_6_0-71.dll

    Is it possible that there could be an issue with these DLL's on Windows 10??

    I'm not a programmer and I don't have the source code for this custom RTD server and the company that built it for me is no longer in business.......

    Is there anything that you can suggest that I do to get this work on Windows 10?

  2. ryker


    Maybe try another version of Excel. I had issues with 2016 so I have to use 2013 now...
  3. mskl


    I've tried many things and nothing seems to work. What I would I like to do is hire someone who can take a look at the program - test it - duplicate my issue (works on windows 7 - does not on windows 10) and see if there is anything that can be done to fix this without having the source code for the rtd dll.

    So - can anyone recommend a programmer that is reputable that can take a look at this?

  4. sprstpd


    I'd offer to take a look but I don't have Excel. Having the source code would probably be very helpful. How complicated is this program? I.e., how long do you think it would take to reproduce it from scratch?
  5. And be sure, your Excel installation has 32-bit binaries.
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  7. tsgiannis


    Probably ...if you give some more info on how the program works you could get more recommendations and suggestions...and why not ..move to a new platform...
    There is also the case of 32/64 bit Windows and misregistered .dlls...this happens all the time.
  8. userque


    Try running things in Windows Compatibility Mode. Setting the mode to Windows 7, of course.