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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by RedRat, Feb 16, 2008.

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    I am a professional C++ programmer with 10 years of experience. Last 3 years I am specializing in development of automatic trading systems and various plugins for trading platforms.

    I have an experience with following technologies:
    <li>InteractiveBrokers TWS</li>
    <li>FIX API for VelocityFutures</li>
    <li>StrategyRunner and StrategyTuner</li>
    <li>Collective2 API</li>

    Also I am ready to learn new things.

    I prefer development systems based on raw C++ API for windows. It gives you EXE file which you can run without any third party solutions, so you do not need to pay monthly fee.

    My rate is $25/hour, depends upon complexity.
    For example, development of kind of Breakout strategy for several futures markets, TWS API, with custom stop algorithms cost $500 for my client. That is including testing and future support.

    I can give you more examples of my completed projects. Please contact me via email
    with "custom programming" in the subject

    Best regards,
  2. I am glad to pass along strong recommendations for Yaroslav's work. He completed a significant system automation project for us to full satisfaction. Additionally, he communicated promptly and effectively throughout the entire project process.