Custom built automated systems?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by MarketsMove, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. Looking into the possibility of automating my trading strategy but I have no programming experience

    Can anybody recommend any companies who specialise in building and supporting automated systems?
  2. You might look at Prodigio, a GUI environment for creating a trading strategy available through ThinkOrSwim. No programming knowledge required.
  3. What kind of strategy you are going to implement? Is it going to be rule based strategy? Do let me know so that will suggest some of auto trading framework which you can use it easily.
  4. Loki45


    NinjaTrader has a strategy wizard that lets you develop rule-based strategies (like IF-THEN strategies) without writing code.
  5. I got ya covered. PM me your rules, I'll code it up and send you back an .exe file.
  6. Have you looked at marketcetera? It's free, provides adapters for several brokers, implemented in Java.

    It supposed to let you automated your trades easily, I cannot comment personally though, I do not use it but I am planning to test it over the summer.