Custom Artwork of your Winning Charts

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    This site has a gallery of charts and a custom section that allows you to choose your own chart and time frame. They ship all over and the end result is a chart of your choice on a stretched canvas to comemorate your winners. I know the owners, and I saw the other stuff posted in here s I figured I would add what I have seen out there.
  2. Decent idea, but imho WAY too expensive.

  3. GHEY!!! :D
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    A TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY..........................
  5. A bad combination of good ideas.
  6. Art Cashin Designs? :D
  7. Considering you are only as good as last trade WTF is the point?!!?

    I guess if you are about to retire and never trade again this might be a good idea... but traders never retire.
  8. Actually I take that back... it would be pretty cool to have BSC, Leh, FNM, FRE, WM, etc... from 2004-2008.
  9. I love this idea. Great website.
  10. Gauguin was a stock broker.. and Jeff Koons

    He and Damien Hirst didn't think of it yet?
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