Curve fitting program recommendation

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  1. Please recommend a program to perform curve fitting.

    I have some data series of self computed indexes on which I'd like to check if some formula can be found that consistently describes the data.

    The data series is 1 data point per second over 8 hours.
    50 days of this series exist.

    I'd like to find a program that tries as many possible curve fitting techniques as possible (i.e. moving averages, least squares fit...) without me intervening too much (since I know only very little which math methods are available for this purpose).

    So far I found "stratasearch" but from the available online information it sounds as if it would not be so very well suited for the task.
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    Found this on the web, see if you can find it too
  3. My recommendation is that you begin learning R. It is free and you can create scripts to do exactly what you are asking. Also, nearly all of the curve-fitting functions out there have open source implementations in R.

    Here's a starter: