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  2. Fuck you Wilbur and your stupid fucking fuck thread of a fuck!!

  3. Fuck both of you. And motherfuck Zombie Banks. Fuck GM and F not entering into Chapter 7 bankruptcy last year. Fuck the PPT. And fuck a 795 billion dollar stimulus plan when only a fraction of it actually goes into infrastructure. Fuck tums the troll and Alex the Kia driving Spectra.

    But serious, fuck the stimulus. All 800 billion should be going to tax cuts and the various Department of Transportations.
  4. Oh, and motherfuck detroit. Fuck the areas of Michigan which have any strong ties to detorit or the auto industry.
  5. And seriously, fuck digital tv cable conversion coupons funded with federal dollars. This is the dumbest shit ever.
  6. Only about half of the people that "needed" the coupons got one. They have pissed away some $1.5 billion already, that they admit to anyway. Spend, more like borrow, another $2 billion for the dumb asses that still don't have a converter box. This digital conversion has been going on for ten years. Get it over with.

    The government is doing such a good job. Let's give it some more responsibilities.

    When will an assteroid finally hit the earth to wipe out mankind and do over?