Currently 30 world conflicts 28 of them involve muslims

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  1. Great to know these pieces of dirt control our oil -- $100 is on it's way
  2. ecritt


    Why do you believe the oil is "ours"?
  3. empee


    is anything "theirs"?
    (well, anything you would want?)
  4. Pabst


    I saw a great bumper sticker a while back...

    What's OUR Oil Doing Underneath THEIR Sand?
  5. When I go to the gas station and BUY gas, I am in effect owning oil. If I own crude oil contracts, that oil is mine.
  6. They don't control our oil, they control their oil... Nobody is forcing you to buy it from them.

    But I have to admit that 28 out 30 conflicts involving them makes me thing they like to fight. LOL
  7. Again nobody is asking to buy it from them...
  8. Well I think people are understanding why I posted this. It's abundantly clear we cannot rely on these animals to fuel the country. Either the oil sands in Alberta or alternative energy: those are the two choices because muslims will always be a problem, they don't view life the same way that normal human beings do, they will always be a problem, which means the "Geopolitical Risk Premium" will NEVER be removed from oil, even if for a short period of time things look ok and oil comes in because the premium is gone... it will come back and be priced in again.
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    Just out of interest did you manage to research how many of these 30 conflicts also involved Christians of one description or another?

    My limited understanding of conflicts is that there are generally two opposing parties involved, and it seems a sh*t load of them tend to involve so called followers of JC. Not that he would have approved of their actions ......

    Anyways Big peace to all, and may yr stops never be hit.
  10. I am actually currently researching how many Christians or Jews or Buddhists are involved, but I'm sure as you well know, most of the conflicts out there are Muslim's vs. Muslim's -- no Christians involved, no Jews involved.
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