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  1. The pentagon has just confirmed the beginning of the SHOCK AND AWE phase... 3000 cruise missiles to be dropped from now for the next 24-48 hours...

    There is likely to be lots of Iraqi kebab lining the streets of Baghdad after operation SHOCK 'N AWE!!!....

    Should be fun... get the beers out! :D
  2. 12.26pm EST Update: 8 cruise missiles have just been fired from the USS Bunker Hill... say bye bye to life, people of Baghdad!! :D Operation Shock 'n Awe is upon y'all...
  3. This is cool, but I wonder if it is excessive. At a few million a piece, this is one hell of an expensive fireworks show! :)
  4. Screw the cost... we're gonna have us some char-grilled Iraqi kebab tonight!!

    Anyways, as regards the cost... we will get the cost of the war back from the Iraqi oil revenues that we will administer for the "good of the Iraqi people".... :D ... and we'll make one helluva profit once we get the oil deals goin'!!

    So sit back with a few cans of beer, and enjoy the fireworks tonight...
  5. Pentagon has just re-confirmed that Operation Shock 'n Awe is gonna start today...

    They have designated today as A-day (aerial day)....
  6. 3000 satellite guided bombs launched from both sea and air are on the way!!
  7. Babak


    Brother Candle,

    remember the objective: to free Iraqis who have been under the thumb of Saddam.

  8. Brother Babak,

    That's true... but indeed, both the Iraqis who we kill by mistake and the Iraqis who survive will be free of Saddam's rule... so we will achieve our objective...

  9. yes of course
  10. Babak


    watching the dust clouds now up on our tv screens makes me really sad. :( for me it brings back memories of the Iran/Iraq war. I know how it feels to be on the receiving end.

    The Iraqi people are in my prayers. I hope not one innocent life is disturbed. May God protect them.

    May Saddam and his cronies be punished as they deserve
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