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  1. I agree. The problem is, of course, that our "democracy" is now only skin deep. It doesn't matter whether Kerry or Bush will be the next straw man. The reason we're backing the wrong horse is that our masters ARE that "wrong horse".
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  2. TraderC


    Democracy, freedom, national security, and human rights are things that everyone likes. Warp them around a backward regime, add some Media spice, and you can sell a war to the American public.

    Despite of the fact that about half of the US population are against the Iraq War today, both Bush and Kerry are set on continuing the War. Do we have any real choice at the polls?

    I wonder what will we get for the BILLIONS and BILLIONS that are being spent on Iraq today? Another terrorist attack in the US, or a big tax hike in the future?

    I am glad that there are others who can see through the layers of smoke.
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  3. jasper6


    Perhaps you should ask yourself why they hate the US. Could it be the billions we have given to Israel so that they can brutally repress the Palestinians? Could it be our Saudi military bases we setup in the Muslim holy land to protect our buddies, the Saudi Royal Family? Could it be the blowback from covert actions by the CIA such as overthrowing Mossadegh in Iran to install our own puppet, the Shah?

    Ask yourself why the terrorists are not targeting Canada. Could it be because they aren't running around the world mucking with other people's affairs like we have in the Phillipines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Zaire, Congo, Angola, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, Chile, Argentina, ad nauseum?

    Don't get me wrong. I think the US should be armed to the teeth to defend the borders of the US. Unfortunately, the Department of Defense doesn't believe that is their mission. That's why, with a $400 billion budget, they couldn't get a single fighter in the air in time to mitigate the damage on 9/11.

    When the US is invaded by Mexico or Canada, I'll be the first in line to pick up an M-16 and repel the marauding latino or canuck hordes.

    Sorry, I forgot. We are already being invaded by Mexico. But that's another story.
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  4. A very intelligent post. Jasper for President!!
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  5. for a european man to see that all american people are not blind minded and some of can objectively criticize their own government policy :p ..
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  7. Timothy McVeigh the 2nd is with us now.

    The only logic you have presented is that if a countryman enters another country, pull out your M16.

    Put that M16 to your tonsils and pull the trigger, boy.
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  8. jasper6


    I'm not sure what your objection is to preserving the sanctity of the US borders, but I look forward to your reasoned response.

    As for your additional suggestion, I think I'll pass. Thanks just the same.
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  9. Ah...democracy.

    Did Cuba elect Castro?

    If Cuba had the second largest reserve of crude oil rather than sugar cane and cigars, would Castro be in power today?

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