Current Rate Zone & Price Moving On to GbpUsd Pair

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  1. Well Here`s a Pattern that you can put to go use - Gbpusd Pair Spot Price 1.3901 Cable is now in distant of Buying the Range to the High Side at 1.3858 & 1.3757. At Best Support Level to the Pair Or within a few pips of this Mark - Target High is Centers around 1.5700 at a glance - Actual Price will follow within due time. Or I do believe it to be nearer 1.5756 as the High Mark & Close Bar - should suffice.This is also considered as the Monthly Chart Cycle High - So Resistance Level will become apparent at 1.5756 towards Monthly Charts Cycle Lows. Enjoy.
  2. Gbpusd Pair Spot Price 1.3753 There appears to be an extra length low at 1.3640 on my H1 Chart so this Level needs to be given careful consideration - Before the trend will resume again within the Current Uptrend Phase towards 1.5816 As of the Monthly Cycle Chart High.
  3. Gbpusd Pair Spot Price 1.3777 Still Awaiting & towards Expected Low End at Current Swing Low Phase to 1.3640 & Adjustment to New Rate Low at 1.3605 Rate Pushing Down just beginning at Spot Price 1.3777. Lets see if I`m Right - Only time to go ?
  4. Price appears to be breaking towards the Highside at 1.3816 if this carries on we will have a Highside Breakout Trend set for 1.5816 - With the Price at Lowside remaining incomplete. 1.3640 - 1.3605 should be present Low Bar at my count. - Buts Lets See.
  5. A Market Update on the Gbpusd Pair Spot Price 1.3828 I have over ran the Low Support Level for same strange reason - Present Support Level Should have been Expected at 1.3765 carrying any overbought value to the Lower Support Level at 1.3723 "My attention has just this minute been woke up" - So there has been A Price Adjustment - By this I mean A Charge in Price Direction - The Derivative is now at Uptrend Phase - Towards Monthly Chart Cycle Highs at 1.5816 : An Added Note for the More Advanced Trader among you : There are 2 Resistance Levels to watch out for at 1.4266 & 1.4838 Lets see if I`m right - This is A Breakout Trend towards New Highs at 1.5816 So should prove of A Straight Forward Trend without to much difficulty.
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  6. - Where I add A Journal - Is that the Rate as been Evaluated at 100% (percent) Accuracy as to the Price Moving Onwards - As well for saving me Time in remaining you about the Current Trend Direction & Covers - For the sake of Constant Reminders whilst the trend is in Transit - And at Best shows Advise that you can put into Practical Use whilst you are increasing your knowledge around the Forex Market.
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  7. GbpUsd Pair Spot 1.3804 Sorry I dropped short at the 1st Support Level only allowing for Low Bar at 1.3858 Had to much to do - So did not stay to capture the remaining Low within the Trend - Cable As Strong Support Level & is Allocated at 1.3795 With A First Test at Resistance Level at 1.4074 as Expected Range - Concildation Area will continue thereafter with the Up Trend remaining in Tact - Continuing onto 1.5816 Monthly Chart High Cycle is Advisable. ---- Market Commentary surrounding the GbpUsd Pair.
  8. Cable Spot Price 1.3968 New & Revised Positioning - GBpUsd Pair At Moving High 1st Resistance Level Expected at 1.4075 added Overbought Valve 1.4112 as High Mark - Concildation Area thereafter : Advise to Advance Traders : Look at 30 minute chart bars - As to Exit Concildation Low Phase - Further Highs is Expected - As of Continuation Up Trend. Now check it out.
  9. Cable Probable Strong Support Level lies at 1.3841 Expected Continuation Uptrend thereafter to 1.4136 Price will add overbought value of 40 to 50 pip after High Mark At A Guess ? What do you think ?
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