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  1. That's pretty good (at least until figures this out and blocks it).

    That means you can sign up for Livecharts, then download and install the Qcharts program and use it without even bothering with SWP - that's a really cheap way to go.

    And for all those who don't like or had bad experiences with SWP, any other Qcharts compatible software should also work in the same way.
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  2. vorzo


    Nope, QCharts doesn't work with a LiveCharts subscription. Mine stopped working the day I switched.
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  3. that doesn't say they are using the same feed. QCharts has in the past maintained that Qfeed and Livecharts were on seperate servers.
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  4. :confused:
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  5. sucks today. tryed 5 diff servers already
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  6. I agree with the comments about QCharts being the best charting package but getting some occasional slowdowns on very high volume periods. I think it is always a good idea to have two datafeeds, one for charting and one for the executions. If you use IB, that is a good backup. QCharts definitely has quirks but for me, its benefits, such as extensive intraday history, more than make up for it. I have used them all , and believe me, they all have issues from time to time.
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  7. SWP confirmed that either product may be used. And that there is no difference between the feeds using SWP.
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