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  1. Thinking of going with Qcharts. Not any recent software
    ratings on them. From the searches I did, I find they have
    had data feed reliability problems. But I also read they
    did updated their server farm. So, at this point, I'm not sure
    what to think. Are they reliable enough for daytrading or
    should I look elsewhere?


  2. I've used Qcharts for over a month now and so far no complaints. I watch ES, NQ, and SPY.
  3. wallaby


    Howzit SP

    You will hear lots of things about qcharts. Great front end but shitty data reliability at times. I used to use qcharts but server connection problems occurred far too frequently. At first I thought it might be my geography, but it seems many US customers
    also complain of connectivity problems. I currently use esignal where the data reliability & speed has been very good [even used on a 56k in Australia ] .

    What really needs to happen is someone like iqfeed/dtniq, trackdata or another data provider [ the first two have front ends which need work but good data feeds ] to buy qcharts from lycos. Some people have suggested in these tight economic times, IT companies such as lycos are not exactly cashed up and consequently have been reluctant to spend money on more/better servers. [ I might add, I am not sure it helps things when lycos or qcharts users are entitled to an unlimited number of symbols. Most other providers charge extra - which is fine as long as the money goes to xtra hardware !]

    In any event, its a pitty qcharts has these problems because its a great front end. And you may be lucky - there are enough users who don't report any/many of these problems. There are no annual subscriptions with qcharts, so you can always give it the flick later if you experience any problems. Good luck.

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    For the price of QCharts you can have a rock-solid data feed from IQFeed and arguably one of the most feature-rich charting programs there is -- Ensign. I ditched QCharts and have never looked back.

  5. QCharts servers are consistently slow at higher vol times of the day for the last 4 months. I am getting those orange boxes 4-5 times a day so I switch servers, very annoying.

    I agree that lycos probably has 4 employees on qcharts and they are billing credit cards, the customer service side just does not exist.
  6. qcharts is a good value but data still isnt very good. i tryed esignal for a month and data seemed much better. only problem with esignal is stupid symbol limit.
  7. Well thanks all, I appreciate your opinions

  8. vorzo


    You may also want to try StockWatchPro at

    It works with Lycos data feed, the same QCharts uses. Same look and feel as QCharts, only cheaper and with a scanner and a rudimentary backtester built in. Plus some chart tabs that allow you to swap faster between symbols and time frames.

    You will have to put up with the subpar data feed but for a complete charting package that includes T&S it's very cheap: $10/month for a LiveCharts account and $40/month for StockWatchPro = $50 vs $80 for QCharts basic.

    If you want a better data feed you shell in more cash and get ESignal - I think they offer it for $100/mo lately.
  9. vorzo -

    You still need the full qcharts datafeed to use SWP, not the Livecharts feed. At least that's what their website says "...Stock Watch Pro is powered by QCharts data feed from Lycos/" - so it's $40/month for SWP + $80/month for Qcharts + exchange fees
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    Vorzo is right. You can now use SWP with the Livecharts feed which costs only 10$/month. The final price is $40/month for SWP + $10/month for Livecharts + exchange fees.

    I used QCharts, Esignal and now use SWP. For daytrading I suggest Esignal, it is much more reliable. But for swing trading I recommand SWP. They have a flexible and very easy to use scan and it is cheaper.

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