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    What is the current outlook in INvestor business daily (IBD).

    Is it still confirmed rally ?



    For the Monday edition, it was marked "Market In Correction"

  3. Next one will be "Market under sucker rally". Stay tuned.
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    Thanks for the reply.
  5. hey ganes I'm glad you asked that question. It is with some amount of guilt that I admit I picked up Monday's issue after a two year strike against the rag... things must be desperate eh? anyway I too looked for that box they used to have on the front page when they told you everything was fine we were still in a confirmed rally, I needed to see that box... it was gone. They took it off the front page. Anyway I haven't managed to get past page one, just like Smart Money it's unreadable...
    there is a great need for a new stock paper, given enough time off I may (again) provide it. ~ stoney


    They buried the "Box" in the paper. I am sure some market genius thought, if we bury the 'box' in the paper people will have to buy the paper to see it.

  7. IBD is a great fade

    BIDZ, CMG, DRYS, BIDU to name a few top stocks on IBD that got nailed badly.
  8. btw

    I ran stats on all those stocks that come into the ibd top 100 like 6 months after they were posted

    pure pump and dump newspaper...


    smokes and dreams baby


    Is there weekly history of the Top 100 somewhere? I would love to do some backtesting on it.

  10. Cramer is also a great fade. CEO on mad money=fade the stock
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