Current NinjaTrader6 Customers....Q for You?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by TradEStar, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. So who is the best NinjaTrader6 with Zen-Fire feed broker these days???

  2. ninjatrader's the best for noobies, $4.75 rt , no monthly fees , nice trading platform

    just go for the cheapest broker
  3. I know...I am asking which BROKER is the best these days. You know, great support and customer service experiences, etc. I will be running an ATS on NinjaTrader6 and I want a good list of brokers that traders are having good dealings with to help me make my final decision.
  4. ampfutures, mirus, novus

    theyre all IB's so its pretty much the same thing across the board

    i use ampfutures for 4.82 r/t but i know mirus will give 4.75 r/t
  5. RedDuke


    I would go with mirus on zen- fire becuase they maintain the servers themselves, they clear through rcg, and the funds are held in Harris bank.

  6. $4.82 r/t...sheesh??? Is that with zen-fire feed?
  7. Yes that is one of my top three choices so far...thanks for the info.
  8. yeah with feed, cost the same as IB $0 monthly fees

    less than 300 contracts
  9. Any other NT6 users?
  10. I have looked at Mirus, Spike, and Velocity so far as serious contenders with a few other that I have not completed my research with yet.
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