Current Intrade 2012 predictions.Obama 66 Republican 33

Discussion in 'Politics' started by insider trading, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. can you please give me the exact place where obama is rated 66??? i cant find it based on your link please point me to the exact one i wanna throw down everything i have against that.
  2. 66.0 by 66.4 last 66.0 Dem candidate to win

  3. LINK??

    I suppose i overextended on that one a little as the republicans really have nothing to offer at this point but 66 seems awful high..... bad link by insider, here is the real link

    wtf link doesnt work properly for mine either...... disregard.... i dont know why it wont allow you to link to the dem nomination.

    A dem in general at 66 sounds alot better than obama at 66 still seems like a decent short but i got better ways to tie up capital....
  4. ur...em...I have a hard time believing you can't find it.

    Now the question is do I want direct someone who is obviously not too bright to this sight. Or do I want to direct EVERYONE who is not too bright to this sight?

  5. i found it retard, it is because the links wont link back properly i was going to post it in mine as well, why dont you provide a link which links back??, and any time you wannna talk about trading and stupidity i would be more than willing to post blotters against you, but keep reaching i am not a republican either i have already stated i thought a lefty was one of our best pesidents of all time.
  6.'re a genius. Now bet accordingly.

  7. Why not instead of acting like an indignant asshole you post a blotter how bout we throw that on intrade you vs. me??? the problem with this site is pikers like you running around thinking you know everything, i made an innocent comment and you proceed to attack me.
  8. I don't know exact fugues,but I would guess Intrade is about 80-90 % accurate when it comes to politics.I would suggest you not bet against them.

    BTW,Obama is a 2 termer

  9. LOL !!!!!!!
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