Current IB streaming chart problem

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by tradersaavy, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. Anyone else having issues with streaming charts on IB?
    The current bar flashes and does not show full information.
    I've updated java, downloaded standalone TWS, restarted computer, used online TWS and nothing corrects it.
    Sent email 15 hours ago to IB with no reply yet.
    Also tried TWS on two different computers.
  2. Yes, same problem.

    Once the bars paint, the bar stays painted. But before...there are problems.

    Trading with IB's charts is a necessary evil at this point in my career.
  3. When I find a solution I'll post it, or if you find it first please post, thanks!!!!!!!1
  4. I watched the video, and I must be missing something.

    Isn't the bar just updating for the last price? Once a new bar begins, the bar stops updating and the new bar begins updating and changing size and color.
  5. elpy zee

    elpy zee

    I'm having the same problem. It shows up on daily charts as well as 5 minute charts. It affects the current price bar. As price moves, the bar is painted. Then, the painted price movement disappears, leaving only a one-tick price point. This happens over and over in the current price bar, so the bar flickers on and off.

    I'm using price bars, not candles, and have the same problem on a Mac and a Windows 7 machine. The problem started with build 910 of TWS, which I'm using in the sim trade mode. The problem is intermittent, occurring regularly early in the morning but clearing up by US market open.

    I also wrote an IB ticket, and got no reply.
  6. J.P.


    It is unfortunate that this has not been corrected; but not surprising.
  7. This was fixed with a new TWS release on Friday.