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  1. The first link is the source of this article, the second link is to another related article to this subject.!%20There's%20a%20little%20green%20man%20on%20Mars/

    My comments at the end.

    Crikey! There's a little green man on Mars

    Images beamed back from Mars would suggest so - although to sceptics, it could just be an odd-shaped rock. Nasa's Mars Explorer Spirit sent back images from the surface of the Red Planet four years ago, and there was initial disappointment among scientists that they lacked any signs of life.
    But space and science fiction enthusiasts were convinced there was more than meets the eye, and after years of studying the images, have found what appears to be an alien figure walking downhill.
    The pictures, found on a Chinese website, are now creating a stir of excitement on the internet.



    These photos create more questions than answers. My first question was “is that big foot”? And then I had a mantel flash of my aunt Emma when I was a kid.
    Which led me to the thought “shall we, the US of A, send a rescue party, or maybe a investigatory mission to Mars to get to the bottom of this mystery?

    What do you think is in the image?
    What ought to be done about it?

    Come on now, use your imaginations.
  2. I think congress should earmark tax money to build a bridge to the moon so that we can all go and take a look:)