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  1. I’m currently using hotspotfxi but would like some feed back from some people out there that use currenex (not propfx or fxcmpro).

    I have a currenex demo from capital forex pro and the spreads are better than my live hotspotfxi plus it has stops.

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  2. turbokaos, Capital Forex Pro's liquidity through their Currenex platform is good, but our scalpers don't like using the clunky Currenex platform. Stops have to be cancelled manually if a position is exited manually - which really slows things up if you're scalping. You can't place OCO's either.
  3. Hear ye, Hear ye, all rookies. CurreneX has an outage this morning, so it does happen on the CX also. As far as both platforms I don't see any difference there are no advanced order (oco, etc) with either. Also I have rarely seen much of a spread difference between the two, but I suppose it could happen. On the CX I find 1 -0 wide on the EUR during normal volume.

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  4. Thanx guys

    On hotspotfxi you can't even place a stop order if you want. I fnd the spreads to be Euro 1-2 and i see a Aud 2-3.

  5. Turbo, you can place a stop on hotspot, but it is a resting order and will trigger a market order when the price is hit.

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  6. Hotspots spreads are shocking and their tightest euro dollar is usally 1.5pips and then in only say 1mio by 1 mio.

    When it is volatile in my experience hotspot is terrible.
  7. Mate If I'm in a trade an put a stop in it will be sold out at the market on hotspotfxi

    ie: let say if i sell 1.2686 it i try to set a resting order at 1.2692 it does not work and will go in and i will be out at 1.2687. There for you don't have stops on hotspotfxi unless I'm doing something wrong.

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    HotspotFXi does not offer any stop loss function whatsoever. You can leave bids and offers directly on the platform but there is no facility to leave s/l or oco orders; only the retail platform allows s/l orders.
  9. I would check hotspot's policy on cancelling orders.

    If I understand it correctly you CAN"T cancel orders within 10 pips of the mkt.

    It may or may not matter to you but to have handcuffs like that to me is not good.
  10. Although I don't like it as a platform this isnt true. On the institutional platform you can cancel whenever you like.
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