Currenex platform liquidity - stop running

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  1. I was told that the Currenex platform
    is broker dependant and that liquidity
    varies accordingly.

    With whom are you trading on Curenex
    and how tight are the spreads on
    EUR/USD and what is the liquidity
    at the best bid/offer during London
    and NY hours ?

    The people from aarontrade
    claim to have the tightest spreads
    with 5 additional liqiuidity providers.

    Stop running possible on Currenex ?
  2. just bringing this up..
  3. try to understand bud, everybody knows more or less where the stop clusters are going to be on a given day, they don't even have to show up on a particular platform because 90% of the players, institutionals or not, broadly follow the same type of 'strategies'... the question that arises is how much does one need to throw at the market to go and hit a few big ones and trigger a cascade... and exit on a pile of dough :)) before the mkt starts retracing back to initial level and beyond... which is another pile of dough if you play it well

    now as far as running YOUR individual stop in an 'improper' manner, think a little bit, say your size is eurusd10mio, your (US/UK registered, carefully-chosen & reputable) broker fakes a 5 pips mkt move to hit your stop and close at a profit... he makes $5K off you... you check your Bloomberg, complain to them, their legal & compliance dpt, raise hell on all the boards of the planet, notifies them to everybody, give them a bad name etc for years to come... how much do they lose? got an idea??

    anyway... enough of my boring stories... talk to Mish' The Hoot if you like stop running stories :)))

    also, forget currenex, go hotspotfxi, they're just better...
  4. Why Hotspot better then Currenex ?
  5. any other currenex users out there ?
  6. Quant Trader and Relativity , both registered 16 june 2006 and
    pumping Vcapfutures, this smells fishy....this IS fishy, quite

    Try to be a little more sophisticated at least....:cool:
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    LOL. Hmm....
  8. nice tit-for-tat reasoning :p all in jest i suppose... yeah, why not check these guys out vcap futures... never heard of them on the forex... how long they been around on FX do u know?
  9. Quant,

    This is the first time I enquiry about
    Currenex, have a look at all my posts..
  10. Relativity : 8 posts , all pumping Vcap
    Quant_trader2 : 7 posts all pumping Vcap


    Even a retarded would understand
    that both of you work for Vcapfutures..

    Have a look at my posts and try to figure out for which broker I work....:cool:
    fu..... salespeople
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