Currenex / Hyperorder - Live & theoretical position synchronisation

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    Hi all
    I'm currently hooking up to Currenex using hyperorder.

    The problem I have is that Currenex DOESN'T let you get your spot position in each ccy pair.

    So your trading software has to keep track of the position you hold, without being able to retreive the actual position data from the CNX system.

    Once your trading bot position and the real currenex position become unsynchronised, you might as well be gambling. It's a bit of a nightmare to be honest, and in my opinion, it's a vital component missing from the CNX system.

    So this leaves you wide open to synchronisation errors, which can happen very easily.

    Has anyone else come across this problem and found a solution for it?
    Have you found a foolproof way to acquire your actual position in a ccy pair whilst using the CNX system?

  2. Hyperorder? What is that?
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  4. Try StrategyRunner

    is is the ONLY Currenex solution that know how to show and recall you positions (historical also) even Currenex itself doesn't provide this info...
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    Thanks Futures_Man, but I have a few more avenues to try before I go to strategy runner. I have my reasons for not wanting to use them unless I really really have to.

    Thanks also to the guy who PM'd me - I will try that if I can't get my true net positions out in realtime..

    Update (for anyone who's interested):
    It appears Currenex have a 'fix realtime' adapter, seperate from the usual fix adapter. This realtime adapter allows you to retrieve current spot positions, and simply needs my system connecting to it, to retrieve that info in realtime.
    It also returns historical trades. Possibly what SR are using to do this.
    Why CNX can't include this in the usual adapter, I don't know.

    Hopefully someone else out there will find it useful to know this..
  6. and how do u like their IT support... i had to threaten to kill someone at MD level more than once there to get lightning fast response from that second on... appaling...
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    I have to say, I can't grumble about their support so far - but I've heard stories of unhappy people changing trading venue because of it.

    Then again, I'm not at the point where I'm live trading with them yet.
    I guess time will tell...
  8. btw, i have just updated my profile... the ink is not dry yet on my IA deal with HSFXi but... just thought i'd make that clear... cheers
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    ANOTHER update for anyone who cares:

    In the interests of fairness to CNX, the above issue is (apparently) a limitation of FIX4.2 protocol, and not a limitiation of CNX in particular.
  10. Care to shed more detail on the issue? I think the issue does reside a bit in CNX.
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