Currenex, HotSpotFxi, Lava - Pimps for the Banks? - No Scalpers

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by danger66, Dec 21, 2006.

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    So far for the last 6 month they are doing very well (we cant release numbers)
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  2. Your "very well" , could be my "average"

    As long as the banks make money from
    your orders (your order doens't unbalance
    too much the matching in the order book)
    you can keep trading.
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  3. Sorry, we are not releasing volumes to the general public at this time however I can tell you it is significant.
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    StrategyRunner Strategy Runner, Ltd.

    what is your benchmark
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  5. Not sure why you keep referring to banks. If you are using a white label provider who also sources liquidity from the generic Currenex platform, then most (80%) transactions are customer to customer transactions.

    Currenex as a technology vendor has many customers white labelling its software differently and each set their own rules. It is not fair to generalize "Currenex" in your statements as which Currenex is very meaningful.

    Currenex does not know who its customers customers are.
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  6. EBS 140 billion
    Reuters 60 billion
    FXAll 60 billion

    Why the need to be so secretive about
    that ?
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  7. What's the average size of those 80 % customer to customer transactions ?

    Stand corrected, currenex is just a platform that can be rigged by the brokers like does by adding a pip to the spread
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  8. Nick, when you say:
    Do you mean with a $3 million account or trading $3 million a clip?

    During my conversation with fxsomebody, he said that the above rarely happens on CX and that only certain white label providers might do something like that. I can't wait to see that with my real eyes when we start doing something similar to your friend who had to "stop trading" with several CX firms.
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  9. Danger66,

    3 million/clip

    the most important factor here is the size


    What's the average size of those 80 %
    customer to customer transactions ?
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  10. The numbers above are incorrect. Reuters is much higher, FXAll numbers include T/N swaps and the spot volume is only around 6b per day average and overall volume average is much lower. EBS is about correct on average.

    Currenex is the 3rd largest platform for spot transactions behind EBS and Reuters.
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