Currenex, HotSpotFxi, Lava - Pimps for the Banks? - No Scalpers

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by danger66, Dec 21, 2006.

  1. Well your improving it with each post :)

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  2. Its a fair cop!

    My point was that I don't understand why people post stuff purporting to be fact when it is no such thing, and is often wrong.

    By all means post an opinion but don't pretend it is factual.

    I also get really fed up with all the 'supporters' of futures making out that it is the only place to trade fx. I have numerous fx accounts and the one I do least volume through is the fx futures account. The liquidity is poor in fast markets, IMO.
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  3. How is anybody to know this? Unless they do what you have done? at least you shared!

    I actually have been thinking of going the Futures route...but recently the discussion about forced leverage and liquidity or lack thereof at times, has changed my mind.

    Michael B.

    P.S. It occurs to me that Forex does not want experienced traders...especially those trading the news...

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  4. But the point is people who trade fx via futures tend to belittle anyone who does not, frequently use terms like 'bucket shop' to try and make out that the place they trade is superior.

    Of course there are bucket shops and these should be avoided.

    Interestingly if the futures market is so great for fx why do the banks not use it?
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  5. Why do banks not use futures ?

    Logically, there they have to honour
    their quotes at all times and execute immediately.

    On platforms like currenex banks can
    hold orders and execute when it suits

    Futures are a level playing field for ALL
    market participants not so on Currenex,
    where the banks deal the cards.
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  6. For my second post in history, I can state that your above statement is completely false. In fact, Currenex has no such documentation in its existance. All Currenex customers sign the exact same contract that has nothing of the sort included. Maybe you are referring to a white label provider of Currenex technology who has such documentation but again, that has nothing to do with Currenex and anyone trading on its platform.

    Regarding fast markets, most all platforms volume comes during fast markets and we welcome all trading at those times. I could no be any happier adding more customers and liquidity in fast markets.
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  7. Bingo (at least for the futures part, especially in regards to individual traders).

    If on currenex the banks do not have to give hard bids and offers that fill instantaneously during fast markets, then I don't see how scalping is even possible. But please correct me if I'm wrong.
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  8. Fxsomebody,

    How much volume is transacted daily on
    Currenex ?
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  9. StrategyRunner

    StrategyRunner Strategy Runner, Ltd.

    We have some scalpers using StrategyRunner in Man Singapore via Currenex (one of the better Currenex liquidity out-there)

    so they are trading clips of 5-10 million and we are not seeing any issues from both Man and CX,
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  10. The question is :"How profitable are those scalpers ?"

    Banks have no problems with losing scalpers, you know :D

    I know a guy who had to stop trading
    with a currenex provider because he
    was trading profitable news with only 3 million
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