Currenex, HotSpotFxi, Lava - Pimps for the Banks? - No Scalpers

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  1. How can a market be choice if there is full limit order matching?
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  2. donperry, we never try to split the spread. this decreases your chances of being filled in a very fast market - the only time we trade.
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  3. banks cant trade with each other on currenex. Not sure about the others but cant recall seeing choice on lava or hotspot.
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  4. That's what I thought because HS says they have full limit matching, so they can't be choice.

    It could be hybrid - only non bank limits match, but if they need banks there's hardly enough action to get paid across.
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  5. There could be choice if hotspot allow you to refuse partial fills but cant remember as I always allow them on all platforms.
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  6. kinkong


    so after reading thru most of this post--i gather currenex is the way to go:
    so the question is--with which broker?
    which is the best broker to go with---enough liquidity? enough bank tiers etc
    scalping is not a problem with these brokers--right??
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  7. has anyone traded news on IB and currenex? Im curious about someone's first hand impressions.
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  8. yeah but how about the fills... see, i have been dual-spreading hundreds of "small" orders on both platforms, why is it that the overwhelming majority of my fills come from HSFXi and i have to cancel my Currenex orders? how many times have i seen my limit touched on Currenex and i don't actually get a fill? (i have 2 accesses, FXCMPro (they try to add 1 pip on exit), and ODL/RBS ("true" mkt spread), so i can compare)... TOO often, that's how... too many stale orders on Currenex, and/or abuse of "last look" option by liquidity providers...

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  9. ssss


    One of FX broker provided interbank quote and stated to be pure agent of principal -MBT

    but this regulary shut down quote . (or stated about techhical error)

    If scalping possible ,than by future fx and only by pure agent
    -as example rmltrading .

    This is controlled by SEC and funds to end of the day can be switched from CFTC to SEC account.

    Not clear with rml clearing house -Penson .

    Would this accept this tactic ?

    Your respectfully
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  10. btw, i have just updated my profile... the ink is not dry yet on my IA deal with HSFXi but... just thought i'd make that clear... cheers
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