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  1. Nick, in my post about platforms compatible with Currenex (, you suggested looking into

    One of their guys paid a visit to our Miami office today (I guess the word gets around when you're looking for liquidity) and offered as a way for us to get access to Currenex, HotSpotFxi, and FXAll for our scalpers (money managers).

    I spoke to their head guy and I'm heading to their Vegas office next week to see everything live.

    Has anyone worked with them in the past or heard anything about their reputation?

    It looks like I'll have to work with different FCM's that connect to them for the Currenex, HotSpotFxi, and FXAll until I'll be able to have our own prime brokerage agreement.

    Thanks for your feedback.
  2. Danger66,

    I just stumbled on their website by surfing the web.

    I have no specifics about them but
    they have been using their platform
    already some time for institutional

    Let us know what you find out !

    I believe Frank is the head guy ?!
  3. Thanks, Nick. You're right. Their head guy is Frank Conlin (spelling?). I spoke to him today. He was telling me that even when you scalp on Currenex, there's a chance that one big bank will be at the best price a lot. If you hit that bank a lot of times, they might ask the FCM to kick your ass out. That's why it is better to combine multiple liquidity sources. Who knows. Sounds good anyway. Maybe it was just a pitch for their system. If anyone else knows anything about these guys, please post.
  4. Sorry guys, had to postpone the Vegas trip until early next week. As soon as I return, I will let you all know how it went. In the meantime, if anyone has any info on these guys, let me know. There doesn't seem to be any good or bad info on the net about them. That may be a good or bad thing. Who knows.
  5. I have heard some good things about Frank Conlin but have no personal expriecen w/ them or their private fx trade club

    please keep me up to speed

    Thank you,

  6. What "good things" have you heard turbo? Where did you hear them. That's what I'm trying to find out.
  7. I recived an email stating:

    "I have a customer out of the states who has a good performance(which is attached) that may be of interest to you. They currently execute through us and have several accounts with us. If you would like to contact him directly he has been cc'd in this email"


    ps. i have also attached the doc that was sent to me
  8. Turbokaos,

    You just registered 12 september, you are not
    connected with Globaledgetrading ?(just
  9. Oh no not another one??????????????????????
  10. No I'm not conected with them and sugest any one to proceed w/ caution. But am intrested in finding out what danger comes back w/ from his trip.

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