Currenex eSignal Bridge

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  1. Yes you can send orders with this, but you cant get any quotes from currenex back into esignal. You would have to look into cnx itself to see what quote you are exactly dealing on. This is only of limited use in my opinion.

    I would also double-check if this actually works correctly. Ages ago i tested their oanda plugin, which was semi-functional at best (some things just wouldnt work - and obvious things at that, i wonder if that thing has ever been tested by anyone). They used old api versions forever and again, no oanda quotes in esignal. They recently stopped supporting this connection, because - oh wonder - noone would use this POS.
  2. You can also get currenex quotes back into eSignal. When you login to the plugin with your Currenex user id you will get your Currenex brokers data in the eSignal Depth of Market Window and in the Forex Quoteboard. (You need to right click on the DOM or Forex Quoteboard window and select "User Real-time data from Broker")

    As for the charts, eSignal wrote to the Currenex API and is pulling in Currenex data from FXDD, GFT and DivisaFX. Historical data too.
    Example symbols for each broker:

    The nice thing is you will be able to see the Currenex rates in ALL windows of eSignal.

    Note: there are additional brokers coming online soon.
  3. Nice, appears they do it better this time.