Currenex Compatible Platforms?

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  1. Is there a platform that will work with Currenex but allow me to place orders that Currenex does not accept?

    This is what I mean. I am working with Capital Forex Pro, a Currenex provider. The Currenex Java platform is really clunky for scalpers and, from my understanding, does not allow you to place OCO orders.

    What I need is a platform that I could use to do the following through Capital Forex Pro's Currenex:

    *Places an OCO set stop loss and take profit order behind every position.
    *Links the SL and TP orders to the position and cancels these orders if the position is closed out manually before either the stop price or profit price is reached.

    If the platform allows me to use more sophisticated orders, then fine, but the above is the bare minimum that I need.

    I don't believe that the standard Currenex platform lets me do any of the above.

    Does anyone have experience in this field?


  2. They should have STP.

    Since Currenex is execution only the accounting features are very minimal. Therefore, Cap FX Pro should have straight through processing for all trades executed on Currenex. I don't know what the platform is but they should have one.

    Most likely you should be able to place your OCO orders on the other platform as both Currenex and the other platform are tied to the same account even though you are using the other platfrom mainly for accounting purposes such as margins, positions etc.
  3. lucky_irish_man, thanks for the reply.

    I am not looking for the "other platform" for accounting purposes. I'm looking for another platform that is scalper friendly. One of the scalpers that I work with needs the functionality that I mentioned earlier. I know that Cap Forex Pro has a platform. It's the standard Java-based Currenex platform. From my understanding, that platform does not allow the placement of OCO orders or the other stuff that I mentioned.
  4. Danger, OCO orders are executed with specific counterparties only, on the CurreneX platform. So you must have permission from the White Label Broker to use this feature and permission to deal with the counterparties directly.

    I have never heard of these permissions allowed to retail clients, but it cannot hurt to ask. Also, the CurreneX manual is 251 pages, if you have a chance get Gain to send you one, all of the answers you are looking for are there.

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  5. Thanks TradeViper. I already spoke to Capital Forex Pro about the ability to use OCO orders. They will not allow this period. This is not for retail business. This is for managed account business, where we'll be trading over 100 lots a clip. They still won't do OCO orders.

    That's why I'm looking for a programmer thank can hook us up via an applet or FIX engine.
  6. You would have to get the Currenex API, and that is not going to happen either. Sorry there is no way around this on CurreneX, Now I know MB has all sorts of neat bells and whistles on their order platform, so that might work for you, but as far as CurreneX is concerned, you are fenced in by what the White label Broker lets you do.

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  7. JLarsen


    Hi danger66,

    just a suggestion:
    ask Capital Forex Pro, wether they are offering StrategyRunner (SR) as a Frontend for CX.
    If not, give them a hint that some competitors do offer SR.

    SR should fit your need, at least you can program anything through the SR API.

  8. TradeViper, Capital Forex Pro does allow you to work with the API. They put me in contact with a few programmers today. Let's see what happens.

    I also spoke to Oded from Stategy Runner yesterday and they work with Currenex. The problem is that they charge you per trade and the $ we'll be forking over per Yard is huge. That's why I am looking for a less expensive alternative, if possible.

    Take care.
  9. Danger, I am not trying to "troll out" but, are you going to be working with CX's API, or Gain Pro's API that talks to CX's API.

    By the way CureneX is supposed to be coming out with a new platform that is supposed to include OCO and other advanced ordering, when, nobody knows for sure. Also it is funny how this new platform's DOM looks a lot like HotSpot's platform!!!

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  10. JLarsen


    well, the last info I had (also from Oded) was
    $8 / Million RT = $4 / Million traded.
    if monthly volume above 300Mio / month.

    For my opinion this is a resonable fair price for
    a excellent peace of software.

    I don't know, whats CapPro is chargin you per Mio traded,
    but guess its a multiple (5-10 ??) of what SR will cost you.

    So, for me its worth to take into account.

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