Currenex Charting Options - What do you use?

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  1. I know we have had discussions about this in the past, but it seems that many traders that use Currenex don't really graph the data they are trading on.

    I wanted to start a thread about the different posibilities to chart Currenex data.

    There's always the option of developing a charting application from scratch (as suggested by our programmer), but I'm a bit uneasy about it.

    Viper also mentioned purchasing a permanent license for TickQuest's NeoTicker and rigging it to work. This is another solution.

    My contact at Currenex just suggested using modulusfe but I don't see any mention of "Currenex" on their site.

    Any other ideas?

    What do you use, if anything?
  2. For, I was just told that we would need to buy their plug-in and integrate it ourselves into our GUI. Sounds a bit like Chinese to me right now.

    I emailed Modulusfe with a few questions. Let's see what they come back with.
  3. It doesn't seem that many people are charting Currenex.

    Anyway, I got a reply yesterday from Modulus regarding their StockChartX product. They said that Currenex is also playing around with it. This was confirmed initially by my source at Currenex.

    In an earlier email reply, Modulus said that using their product to graph Currenex data "will require a small amount of programming in C++, VB6, or .NET," which doesn't seem like a big deal for a programmer. I emailed my programmer this information to see if he can do the job. In case he can't, does anyone know any programmers that might be able to pull it off? Maybe some of you can successfully program this yourselves. Let me know what you think. I will buy the software if this isn't a monumental task.

    I'll just paste Modulus' more detailed reply below to help those who might be interested in the same thing (hope this is alllowed):
  4. Try StrategyRunner is is fully incorporated with currenex and as complete charting capabilities live and historical
  5. Futures_Man, thank you for the info. We have used strategy runner in the past, but we don't need all the "bells and whistles." We are manually scalping and don't use the sophisticated stuff SR provides.

    SR also charges a fee per transaction. I don't like this idea. It basically increases our commission cost by 50%.

    To use SR the broker needs to set up a special server as well - or the trader has to do it. This complicates things too much.
  6. richardm


    Did you ever find a worthwhile graphing / charting solution?
    Did you try modulusfe?
    I am trying to get away from using matlab and esignal and am open to any suggestions...
  7. no richard. that was a while back. now i'm just working with a private hedge fund group finding them fx and futures traders and none of them really use charting with currenex.

    good luck.
  8. What are your costs on spreads/commisson? Sorry for hijacking the thread but just wanted to
    see what someone else is paying who scalps.

  9. I think it sucks to scalp on currenex and an aggregated feed is much better. The spreads and liquidity are much better as a result.
  10. Whats wrong with Neoticker (or any other charting app with an open interface)?

    The only downside is that the machine will have to run 24/6 because currenex doesn't provide historic data for charts, so you have to collect everything live.

    You will need some programming experience (its not that easy) or hire someone to do it (can give you a contact who has experience in these matters via PM if you are interested).

    Personally i just use mb trading data for charts since they are already supported by my charting app and it doesn't matter that much to me if they are 0.1 pip off of what the execution platform shows.
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