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  1. I'm trying to get into the currency market. Do you guys have any recommendations as far as currency brokers, charting services, and strategies? Thanks for your help.

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    Futures or Cash FX?
  3. FX. So far I have found and They're pretty much the same, but GCI offers precious metals as well.

    I was wondering if Level 2 screens are available for currencies. Esignal seems like a good program, but the price is a bit too steep. GCI offers Esignal for free as long as you have over 50 trades per month.

    Any thoughts?

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    any thoughts?

    only one - prepare to have your bank account emptied out!
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    FX can be extremly profitable, but if you are on the wrong side then high leverage will empty your trading account in a minutes. :)
    I trade at FXCM for more than 1,5 years and haven't had any problem yet. They are good for daytrayding - no slippage at all, no comission, competitive spread. Trading terminal is reliable and simple to use. Withdrawal - maximum 2 working days and profit is on my bank account.
    Anyway - first try demo trading.
  6. Flynn,

    For daytrading, which website would you recommend for real-time data? Thanks for your comments,

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  8. Are there any books that you found helpful relating to currencies?

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    Stevet, Your realism bites :)
  10. With 100 : 1 leverage, you do the math, how much the price should go against you to totally wipe out your account.
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