Currency - Which one do you want over next 20 years?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by TheCaymanIsland, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. If you had to put all your worth and salary into one currency going forward for the next 20 years, which would you go with??
  2. Maybe one of the Asian currencies, HKD or SGD. Although they all are taking a hit.

    Honestly, fiat money is fiat.

    Stick with real goods, food, water, basic medicine, liquor & precious metals.
  3. Charmin.
  4. You mean the USD?

    I would play the Israeli new sheqel for the return of the Messiah, it'll go to the moon.
  5. FCCT



    Toilet paper bugs
  6. No. GENUINE Charmin.
  7. Lucrum


    7.62x51mm Nato
  8. haha. I already use USD to clean up my dogs shit. LOL
  9. Euro
  10. The Cuban Peso.
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