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  1. What does the euro key off of?

    Also, what are the prime trading hours?
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    Prime trading hours: Overlaps. Have the greatest average range.

    NY/London Overlap: 8AM - 12PM EST (GMT-5)

    Asian/London Overlap: 2AM - 6AM EST(GMT-5)

    As far as "key off", what do you mean?
  3. The major US economic reports is what it keys off of quite often. But you better have a Bloomberg Terminal $1700 per month to trade the news. Focus on learning TA, currencies do trend well and have some nice big ranges to whack for profits. They are also less schizo than indices, atleast the ER2 for damn sure. Why do I continue to try to trade the ER2? :confused: A glutton for punishment. Here is some help for you go to this website every night and watch the charts especially the Euro and British Pound respond to reports such as new home sales, CC, existing home sales, gdp, jobless claims and the TIPS report. Anything with a star next to it is very important. This guy at forexbastards .com has what appears to be a pretty cool free alert trade reco, trading the news off of reactions to these reports. There you go, that should keep you busy for awhile.
  4. ok, thanks to you both.

    intraday, apart from news reports, I wonder what big eurotraders watch...Fed Funds futures? etc.
  5. wow. if this is the open (2 am est), it's not worth getting out of bed for. Unless it's tight because of the US Payroll numbers later on...
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    Not worth trading at 2am , but I 'm sure you saw the spike later.
  7. Are you talking about the US Jobs spike at 8:30 NY time? Yes, indeed, I saw it.

    I was looking to see if there were other good hours to trade.