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  1. I was just wondering if you went to a third world country or second world or less developed than Europe or America etc. What would be the best currency other than the Dollar to take. I know you can use the Dollar most places some in preference to theirs.

    Perhaps the Pound or Euro. What would you take if you could only take one currency other than the Euro. Remember not due to future strength but the universal acceptance at the moment. However I would be interested in your opinion of what may be the future 'Dollar' to take abroad.
  2. Look at the history of the contry and whether it was a collony of the British Empire, France or whatever. This mostly determines preference.

    In Europe all over they prefer euro. Middle Easterns prefer dolalr. Some African countries prefer Pound.
  3. Rimping


    You can get money from ATM's almost anywhere. Then you get the local currency right away and that's always accepted.
  4. If you are going by universal acceptance, then the answer is gold.
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  6. ask your contact there...or your travel agent or google for that info