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  1. I would like to try selling out of the money puts on currency options. I have an account with IB. Is there good volume on currency options and are the premiums received attractive? Which is the best currency pair to trade options?

    All help much appreciated. Thanks
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    Volumes are so-so, but growing and the exchange is pushing the product hard, so I'd expect volumes to only get better. There are active market-markers quoting two-sided markets and spreads seem pretty reasonable. Official volumes you can get from the exchange website, You can also get the contract specs from the website and you may wish familiarise yourself with the trading hours and expiration details
    Otherwise, stick them up on your TWS and take a look:
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    I called up the EUR options but do not get call prices. Also there is volume figures for each strike but the ES (emini sp500) options do not have volume information even though they come from the same exchange and is much more liquid. Why is this?
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    I spoke too soon, IB do appear to have ES volume figures for each strike today. Thanks , greatly appreciated. Still don't get EUR call prices though.
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    Select "XT" only in Trading Class (European Class options)
  6. are you talking about options on currency futures or on spot forex?
  7. Hey Steve-

    I tried trading the March XT options. When I attempt to transmit an order, I get the message "No clearing rule found".

    This is a somewhat cryptic message. What does it mean?
  8. Any update or further input from anyone? TIA.


    CME Currency Fixing Price Methodology

    On Sunday, April 3, 2005, on CME® Globex® and on Monday, April 4, 2005, on the CME Upper Trading Floor, CME begins trading CME European-style foreign exchange (FX) options. European-style options by definition are exercised only at expiration.
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    What would you like to know?
  10. Anyone trading of any style with any brokers with any common or specific issues?
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