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  1. I¡¦m interested in trading currency options, where could I find a reliable source on currency options and trading????
  2. That is a no edge game ...
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    That is a no edge game ...


    Why do you say currencies are a no-edge game? Currencies trend like crazy. And, in my mind at least, trend = edge = profit opportunity. Hence, currencies ought to present all kinds of profit opportunities.

    I'll admit I have a lot to learn about investing (which is why i'm posting here and asking questions), but what trends more than currencies? Where would you suggest the biggest trends are to be found.

    (I guess I'm assuming that you also equate edge with trend. Please correct me if I'm wrong.)
  5. The options; the spread will kill you.

    Edge doesn't have to equal trend ...
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    metooxx, thanks for your quick reply.

    But could you elaborate just a bit. Do you mean to say that options trend more? more than currencies? more than any other investment?

    Also, it is my understanding that forex currency spreads are, in fact, very competitive. Oanda has the EUR/USD at two pips most of the time. Several other brokers have it at three and many have most or all of the majors at three to four pips.

    Are these spreads not competitive compared to equities, futures, etc.?

    To give you an idea of where I am coming from, I'm a trend hunter. For the past several months, I have been applying a set of strategies on paper to exploit trend and I'm getting ready to go live. Most of my testing has been in currencies since my research gradually led me in that direction.

    But I'm looking forward to having the time to put more testing effort into equities and also to look at stocks, futures, etc.

    Any suggestions you may have for me would be greatly appreciated.
  7. No I am not saying options trend more. Two to four pips is a lot to overcome; I would stick to the underlying on a speculative play. Spreading is a different story.
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    woops - new to this though i am, i actually do know that stocks and equities are one and the same.
  9. Why are the spreads so large in a market known as quite liquid?
  10. The spreads are large because these sites think their customers are so dumb they will pay it.
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