Currency Options Anyone? Where?

Discussion in 'Options' started by Jeffp, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. Jeffp


    I'm familiar with CME, options on currency futures; how about on ICE how is the liquidity there.

    Are they options on currency futures? and do they offer options on spot pairs?

    Does this product even exist?

    If so what other exchanges offer them?

    Thank you for any in put here.

  2. Philly offers options on spot pairs and in cash settled form too. I dont know how the liquidity is these days exactly how much do you need?
  3. Jeffp


    Thanks Xflat,

    Its not that I personally require gobs, but I'd like to see some participation for decent spreads and availability.

    I know order routing can find best price, very curious where the best liquidity is.
  4. Ice does FX, but trading is little if any (on the underlying). Not sure if they have options, but if they do, nothing trades.
  5. MTE


    In addition to Philly you have FX options on ISE. Also spot cash-settled rather than futures.
  6. moarla


    warrants on deutsche Börse, but not for US citizens
  7. Problem with all these currency options that trade on the standard US options exchanges is that they are all exchange independent (i.e. PHLX, or ISE), so you don't have all 7 exchanges competing on a single product. Just my opinion though..
  8. MTE


    You mean dependent not independent.