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  1. I am looking to trde the currency futures. I am in eastern standard time, anyone have some expierence trading them. I now trde the emini-indicies. Also want to incorporate the currency. Which ones are the most liquid and any recommendations as to best times of day for them? I am looking at the yen, euro can cad so far. Thanks in advance
  2. In order of liquidity, for the currencies I trade:

    EC = euro
    JY = yen
    BP = pound

    these are all vs the dollar.

    US session is usually the best unless the ECB, or Brits have something to say about their interest rates. I don't trade the Asian session ever. Way too dead most of the time.

    Can I ask what is the difference between 6E contract and 7E contract?
  4. E7 is the emini contract for Eur/Usd, its contract size is half of EuroFX. Its illiquid, don't trade that one, use EuroFX instead.
  5. Yeah 6E seemed to have much more volume.
  6. how has this been going?update please
  7. Depending on your appetite for risk and run downs you may want to trade EuroFX Future Options and spreads. Same upside and Liquidity.... Managed risk.
  8. CME offers smaller but still liquid contracts as well. Try the Loonie 6C (canadian dollar) at $10 per tick as well as the Aussie dollar - 6A
  9. you guys find the forex shops are more "scams" then trading the CME globex currency seems as if the cme globex currency futures are a better choice...agree?
  10. I do. CME currency trading is a much better venue than the FX bucket shops
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