currency meeting in Russia next week ?

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    Larry Pesavento indicated there is supposed to be a big currency meeting in Russia next week that could cause HUGE swings in the currency market.

    Does anyone know who/what/when exactly this meeting is or what it is called ?
  2. I'm extremely tempted to move this into chit-chat, especially after the planetary nonsense. Either post a credible link to establish some sense of grounded logic, or this won't last the hour.
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    ok forget about the planetary part, I deleted it.. Am most interested in knowing about the meeting. Thanks in advance.
  4. Where did you hear this information from? Video? Article? Post any link you have that might enable us to look in our sources for more than just "Russia currency meeting". Just a suggestion.
  5. Both of you are morons!

    Nov 6-7, 2009: G20 meeting, St.Andrews Scotland

    Nov 9, 2009: Bradley turn date (based on planetary constellations)

    Find your own links
  6. No shit, Sherlock. I'm not talking to the G20. The OP indicated there was some sort of secret meeting going on. I assumed, perhaps incorrectly, that he wouldn't be that clueless to consider the G20 that meeting.

    Especially since he said IN RUSSIA.
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    ok so it is the G20 meeting. I don't know why Larry Pesavento indicated it was in Russia.

    Combust occurs on the same day as the G20.

    Combust according to Larry P is a very accurate planetary aspect.
  8. chit chat.