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Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by nitro, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. nitro


    Does anyone know if there is a website or email alerts where I can see currency interventions?
  2. Wallet


    Make a friend at a Tier I, it all starts to filter down from there. CB's would rather talk than act, so listen to their chatter when they talk about the markets getting to extreme levels. The Central Banks job is to make sure the market is working efficiently, when it's not they step in. As for front end info, good luck, it's all hush hush till it hits the fan, then it's too late usually. Charts are a better indicator.

  3. nitro


    I don't mind getting the information that there __was__ a currency intervention __after__ the fact. I just need to know somtime soon after it happens. Even if I get the information a few minutes later it is not critical.

    BTW, where do you listen to their "chatter" ?

    Thanks for your help.
  4. hey Nitro, your charting/order entry program should have a News utility which
    depending on who's supplying the news should report 'interventions' also who
    and when such will happen

    i'm using Oanda and both the real and demo have news supplied by:
    4CAST Ltd, Dow Jones, IFR Markets, UBS
    the IFR Forex Watch is Thomson i believe, they're the ones that actually trade
    in their pairs reports, and FXCM also used to provide IFR
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    Ditto on the news feeds, but it's usually in the form of "An Asian Sovereign, or European Name" stepping in at xxxxx...... size and identity if ever reported publicly is usually hours after the fact. Smaller banks will get noted when they adjust their positions, again late. Option levels and expires are good to note also.

    But the big boy Central Banks usually step in at the market extremes, seen as major intervention. They normally jawbone in the news about fundamentals, currencies moving to fast to far --- that's when to take notice of critical levels.

    Trading via-internet, non-personal it's impossible to get a pulse on the inside. If your big enough to go bank direct it would be in your best interest to take a few of those guys out to lunch and foster a good working relationship, may give you a heads-up, which is all you really need.

  6. nitro


    Thanks for the suggestions. Another software project for me: filter on "intervention" etc.

    One last question. Do you know if there are historical data on this? Something as simple as a website with a line by line like

    1/1/2001, BOE, 5B pounds, sold
    1/20/2010, Bank of Switzerland, 10B Swiss Francs, sold

  7. ask them:
    otherwise i'm sure you'd get that info via IFR, i remember from FXCM IFR that
    'names' b/s info and amounts etc was reported

    by the way, why do you want the info ? isn't it really after-the-fact
  8. nitro


    Thanks. I meant _any_ currency intervention, not just the BOE.

    I want the information for backtesting.