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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Cutten, Jan 10, 2008.

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    I'm currently in the situation that most of you probably were about 4-5 years ago. The currency of my home country (UK) has been pretty strong for a number of years, but lately I've become increasingly bearish on the prospects. So, I was considering getting into other currencies to reduce my exposure to a large decline in the pound. I have a fairly strong conviction on this.

    My question is what % of total assets is it prudent to place abroad? I could just go 100% long a basket of foreign currencies, but then if I am wrong and sterling rallies 20%, I have suffered a major capital loss. Also I have to consider that my expenses and tax bills are in sterling too. I consider the potential risk if I'm wrong to be a move back to the old highs - that's about 7-10% risk vs the dollar and Euro.

    I'd be interested in anyone's opinions, especially people who tried hedging against the dollar's decline in recent years. What size forex/gold position did you have, did you find it easy or difficult to sit out the volatility, did you have any method of when to get out etc (e.g. a stop).
  2. How about a long CAD/GBP position? If oil keeps going up this should help boost the CAD. Canada has lots of oil and other resources, such as coal, potash, copper, aluminum.
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    You might want to consider posting your queries over at Oanda's forum which is frequented by a number of experienced FX traders whose base currency isn't USD.

    Happy hedging!
  4. Why not go long EUR-GBP?

    It would be better with futures, altough I'm not sure if EUR-GBP futures are liquid enough.

    You need to calculate leverage so that you are inline with the money you have in your account.