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    Since there isn't a section for currency futures, I'll put it here. What is the most liquid future out there as far as currencies go? Also, those who do trade currency futures, would like to know, which is the best for daytrading? Currently, demo trading. Thanks.
  2. The Euro-FX ( either 6E or EC) is the most liquid. When I did trade currencies that is the one I traded. It has good depth and plenty of volume and volatility.
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    When daytrading, what indicators did you use? Fibs, Gann, Elliot don't work that great intraday.
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    I trade the euro, yen, swiss f and the can$. all seem liquid to me.

  5. 6E, 6J, 6S, 6B have the best liquidity. Theres some real good action in there as banks hedge out of cash trades on Globex.
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    Discuss other futures like those based upon interest rates, treasury bonds, currencies, etc.
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    That brings me to my other question. What do you guys use for technical indicators for futures?