Currency futures vs. Forex

Discussion in 'Forex' started by irniger, May 10, 2009.

  1. irniger


    Are the moves of currency futures an indication for the possible moves of forex pairs? Do Forex pairs follow the futures?

    For instance, is the EC a predictor for the EURUSD or the JY for the USDJPY?

    I would be thankful for inputs before I start a timeconsuming analysis.

    Regards, Felix
  2. No. The tail and dog wag each other at different times for the purposes of different participants.
  3. moarla


    the 6E euro future and the Forex EURUSD make exact the same moves.
    I look only the future charts but trade future and forex at the same time, works perfect.
  4. You (irniger) will find that when the futures are in thin periods their may be divergences. Some are due to opportunistic manipulation - in either direction - and if you can figure out what is being done you can get an edge from it. But it will not be easy - I think you'll find that there are easier ways to make a dollar.